ООО Уорлд Чесс Рус

ООО Уорлд Чесс Рус

World Chess is the organizer of the World Chess Championship cycle events. The company is the exclusive official partner of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and commercial rights holder to the World Chess Championship cycle.

The company was given a mandate to develop and commercialize chess, create favorable environment for partners, players, and brands, and to significantly expand the broadcast coverage of the sport.

As of 2014, World Chess is responsible for all World Chess Championship Matches and qualifiers. The company is also working with brands to embed them into the fabric of the game and develop long-term positions for them to make history. World Chess collaborates with the best design and media companies, including Pentagram, FUEL Publishing, Shuka and more to underline the major role of chess in design and culture.

We are also reinventing chess as a spectator sport by working with television and IT companies and introducing technical innovations. The company has signed a record-breaking long-term TV rights deal with NRK, Norwegian TV network that pioneered chess on TV.

World Chess the owner of worldchess.com, the exclusive broadcasting platform for World Chess Championship Match.

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